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Grtfl is a cashless tipping and feedback platform made for the hospitality industry to boost staff earning potential in today’s cashless society and alleviate tip admin from the operator, grtfl automatically collect and distribute all your tips fairly and transparently. Key benefits are:

More tips for the team ??

Direct cost saving and less admin for the operator ??

Full transparency on tip and feedback for the team ??

Instant funds for staff members, no more having to wait for payday ??

Customers have an easy way of saying thank you ??

An easy way to retain great staff ?????

Grtfl offers a range of solutions for operators, from QR codes on receipts to disposable receipt cards. From digital integration to a fully managed TRONC service. Save time and admin for your business whilst keeping your team happy. Be fully compliant with new legislation coming into place with the grtfl platform, with zero cost!

Tel: +44 (0)203 105 0127

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