Be... StaffSavvy

We know that managing a workforce can be tricky at the best of times. When it comes to thinking about the best ways to improve the way you work, what comes to mind? In a digitally charged world, the processes you have in place currently play a large role.

Here at StaffSavvy we’re giving you the tools to influence and revamp productivity levels in many different areas. StaffSavvy can be the core to your workforce; complete management of your staff information, shifts, training schemes & time sheet management. All the tools you want and more you never knew you needed.

Today we’re talking about 3 of our top new features that will change the way you work forever. With a little help from technology, StaffSavvy and our tools go hand in hand to help meet the productivity needs of your business to maximise efficiency and help with your growth plans!


  1. Time to save time

For your employees manually filling out timesheets and reports takes up a lot of their time. With the right management system in place and getting rid of paper tracking this can be done straight from their smartphone. Providing your employees with access to their own platform means with our ‘clocking-in’ tool, they can easily keep track of hours worked, lateness and holiday accrual. Helping to support workload overview for your team, meaning management of your employees has never been smoother.


  1. Optimise tools available for recruiting

Hiring the right staff has been more difficult but having the right technology in place helps improve the efficiency of the whole process. By using the hiring tool, hiring is streamlined, quicker, more compliant and in line with the latest GDPR laws. Our hiring feature can automate the different parts of the interview/hiring method making communication with automation easy! It’s time to get smart with StaffSavvy helping your hiring process, including self-booked interview times by applicants, easy note section for hiring managers and the ability to offer a position digitally with all their information automatically set up!


  1. Align business growth and employee growth.

Employees are looking for growth plans and goals to further their careers, so how can you align their goals for growth with your business growth plans? Goal tracking! Employees are often more focused and motivated to achieve goals when results are for themselves and the company. You must keep your employees engaged, and regular communication between employer and employee helps trigger more engagement, helps guide focus and allows you to track their progress. We have found from speaking to employers that creating individual goals and having willingness to invest in your staff with goal tracking will increase loyalty and better overall company performance.

Technology and automation are necessities in every business. From simple to advanced, there are tools available right here at StaffSavvy to automate mundane tasks and make your day more productive.

If you’re looking for the best technology to enhance your workforce then book a demo with us today.