Want to join a KIND Revolution?

Single-use plastics, landfill and ocean litter – it’s time to get rid.

It’s time for change. It’s time for a KIND Revolution, and you can be a part of it.

UK businesses and consumers get through 3.2 billion disposable cups every year. Just under 2 billionof these won’t reach recycling bins. 1 Even this astounding number doesn’t seem to add up. Furtherresearch suggests that the UK may already use as many as 5 billion coffee cups per year, and lessthan 1 in 25 are recycled. 2 Whatever the number, the undisputable fact is that too many disposablecups are needlessly ending up in landfill or as ocean litter. It’s time for change.

Why not make a complete switch to reusable cups? The truth is that, as a society, we’re just notthere yet. Despite best intentions, 71% of those who own a reusable cup have been known to forgetto take it out with them. 3 But there is another way. A way for the convenience of single-use to workhand-in-hand with sustainable living.

CUPkind has developed a new kind of cup, and partnered with leading food and drink packagingsupplier, 4 Aces, to bring it to the market. Recyclable, compostable and certified plastic-free*, thesecups have done away with the plastic (PE or PLA) liners still found in so many disposables that makethem harder to recycle. How? By utilising innovative aqueous barrier technology that is certifiedfood safe, leak-proof and breaks down harmlessly.

But this isn’t just about cups. It might be where CUPkind has chosen to start, but the mission goesway beyond. CUPkind is actively involved in lobbying the government and the recycling industry tocome together, invest in the correct systems and build better legislation for all. No exaggeratedclaims, no greenwashing, no preaching, just a true passion for change.

It’s a KIND Revolution that we can all be part of, and here’s how…

BUSINESSES – Switch up your cups! Take a stand by refusing plastic at every turn and bring yourcustomers a sustainable solution to their everyday drinking needs. Show them that you think beyondthe bottom line by offering a true, plastic-free alternative along with the means to ensure it getsrecycled once they’re done.

CONSUMERS – Think reusable whenever possible but, when circumstances don’t allow, opt forsingle-use that’s sustainable. Ask your server if their cups are sustainable, turn up the pressure andtake your business to those who listen.

Last of all – RECYCLE. It’s no use serving up a sustainable option if the cups aren’t kept inside therecycling loop. If disposed of properly, every CUPkind cup can be recycled up to seven times! Thenifty QR code on every cup tells consumers how to mindfully dispose of their used cup (it’s supersimple and there’s a solution for at home, at work or out and about). Businesses have the choice ofcup recycling schemes or industrial composting. Whilst recycling should always be the preferredoption, either method ensures CUPkind’s cups are kept out of landfill and our oceans.

That’s it. A KIND Revolution that’s literally in your hands. A movement and vision that we can all be apart of, helping create a circular economy to live sustainably today, without taking from tomorrow.Find out more about CUPkind’s KIND Revolution by visiting www.cupkind.com/kind-revolution


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*CUPkind cups are made from FSC®-certified, responsibly sourced virgin paperboard, which is certified plastic-free, certified recyclable, and certified as suitable for home and industrial composting.