Yvonne Halling of Bed and Breakfast Coach has won the Prestige Awards Hospitality Consultant of the Year for Yorkshire (UK) for the third year running.

Yvonne Halling is the founder of Bed and Breakfast Coach and the creator of the B&B Money MakerBusiness Transformation Program, where she assists her clients to increase their B&B revenue by at least 25% in one season while working less.

Having run a successful B&B herself for 17 years, Yvonne completely understands this industry and the challenges owners face. This unique experience and the insights gained, lead her to create Bed and Breakfast Coach in 2013 and to develop the very best training, coaching and mentoring for new and established owners.

Her proven 4 part B&B Money Maker methodology and philosophy allows new owners to create a strong business foundation for their B&B from the start, without falling prey to the big online travel agents and their commissions.

It also assists established owners to transition from a dependency on online travel agents to an enjoyable and profitable “direct bookings” business that both owners and guests love.

In addition, Yvonne and her team have developed a 12 month long coaching and mentoring model that provides much needed support and hands-on assistance for the learning and implementingprocess, and ensures that all clients succeed in their goals.

Her worldwide client base ranges from 2 – 22 rooms, where the owner is an integral part of the 5-star unique experience being offered.

Yvonne believes that independent hospitality business such as B&Bs, inns, guest houses and small hotels are the heart of the local communities, allowing new money to enter the local economy, that could not have come by any other means.

Since the rise in power of the online travel agents, to whom they are obliged to pay a commission, this reduces the amount entering the local economies and the status of the hospitality owners. This often has a negative knock on effect for guests.

Through her work, Yvonne helps to redress this balance and put the power back where it belongs –with the owners themselves.

Results include:

“Using Yvonne’s system, I made just over £11,000 in bookings in just one day!” Lyn Martin, UK

“With just one of Yvonne’s strategies, we created 77 new bookings in less than a week!” Victoria Sanderson, Canada

“Working with Yvonne has been an utterly transformational experience both personally and professionally” Caroline Newling Ward, UK“With just one offer, I got 32 room night bookings and created $6310 in new money in just over 1 week!” Karen Billings, USA

“From zero to £103,000 in one year! This program and this group is bloody incredible” KS, Scotland

“I created an extra £24,000 in bookings in just two weeks from working with Yvonne” SJ, France

“After working with Yvonne, I doubled my business in two years” Amanda Clark, UK

“Happy to report a 28% increase over last year. After working with Yvonne and her team, I feel like a new person” June Hershberger, USA

“I set a goal to add 20% to my income. At the end of the first quarter I had increased my revenue by 44.5% and in March alone, by 79%! Yvonne Schnoor, Spain

“I’ve worked with business coaches before, but Yvonne is the best. My business has tripled in 1 year!” KeltieMasters, Canada

Her clients’ successes, along with her methodology and philosophy have lead to Yvonne winning the PrestigeAwards Hospitality Consultant of the Year for Yorkshire UK for 3 years running.







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