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Carefree is a tech-first charity that transforms vacant accommodation into vital breaks for unpaid carers.

Our goal is for every full-time unpaid carer to have access to an annual break.

By joining forces with your hotel group, we‘ll be a step closer to making that happen.


We build partnerships across the business and social sectors and leverage easy-to-use, flexible technology to allow more carers to be supported by more organisations to have more short breaks.

Our purpose-built technology has been designed in close collaboration with our hospitality partners and provides a range of benefits.


Families are the invisible backbone of our healthcare system, providing 80% of home care in the UK and saving the public purse £135bn a year (equivalent to the entire NHS budget). Yet, they are rarely recognised or supported for their frontline role.

Making sure they can take a break when they need it is the first step towards building a sustainable social care system that cares, shares and enables us all to thrive.

"With Carefree, we're not just 'building back better'; we're defining what it means to be a purpose-driven business."

Neetu Mistry, Chief Commercial Officer of Cycas Hospitality

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