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Looking for a way to expand your customer base and increase your restaurant's revenue? Are you struggling with limited resources or poor service from food delivery companies? Mealish is here to help!


With our cutting-edge meal recommendation system, we empower customers to plan delicious and nutritious meals quickly and easily for the week in under 60 seconds, with custom considerations for dietary restrictions and budget. Unlike other meal planning services, we offer hassle-free weekly order scheduling with personalised recommendations from quality local restaurants.


As a local restaurant, partnering with Mealish offers you several benefits. 

-        You can count on increased revenue.

-        Access to a new audience, with a stress-free and satisfying meal planning experience for your customers.

-        Our customers schedule meals up to 1 week in advance, giving you meal preparation planning and forecast abilities. 

-        We recommend meals from your restaurant to customers on our mobile app, improving the dining experience whether they dine in or order takeaway. 

-        Our service includes a dedicated representative you can contact.

-        Meal rating and review analytics to collect insights on how your meals are performing relative to the market and changing food trends. 

-        Plus, you can promote new and unpopular meals to both new and existing customers.


Our mission is to revolutionise the way people think about and plan their meals by providing a convenient, flexible, personalised, and healthy food delivery service. 


Contact us by email at or Phone +447765 057356 to sign up now with a £0 activation fee. We'll provide you with a free demo of our app and assist you throughout the activation process and beyond. Join us today and let us help you take your restaurant to the next level!

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