Asian baked goods available to hotels

Ong Ong Buns is an Asian bakery that wholesale to other bakeries, cafes, breweries, pubs, and 5-star hotels.


The bakery is run by the husband-and-wife team: Icy and Aaron Mo. Icy is from Malaysia and Aaron grew up in London, but has heritage in Hong Kong. It was founded during the height of the COVID-19 outbreak, with a focus on expanding The UK perceptions of Asian baking beyond baos; to experience the wider variety of baked goods across Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, and beyond.


We sell a range of milk breads, buns and pâtisseries, from filled sweet and fluffy buns, mochi, cookies, and plain Asian bread. Our baked goods are produced from only the finest ingredients and do not use preservatives or additives, with The Estate Dairy milk and Fenton Farm eggs the base products of our milk bread.


From our savory milk buns deep-filled with succulent char siu pork or halal chicken curry, to our vegan ‘milk’ bun filled with jackfruit and kimchi, we are here to share the wonders of our brioche-like buns with London’s diverse population!


Our sweet versions include the Custard and Coconut, formerly known as the eponymous Ong Ong Nom. It is a blend of bo lo bao and a gai mei bao, which is enticingly rich with coconut and custard, and we also offer an irresistible pandan and coconut cake. 


Much of the team are 2nd-3rd generation British Chinese, and have developed an appreciation for the global food offering of our country. In the past we have made buns with Caribbean, American, British, and Scandinavian-inspired fillings. 


As well as our permanent store in Seven Dials Market in the famous Covent Garden, we sell wholesale to anywhere from our production kitchen in Spa Terminus, supplying 5-star hotels, like Shangri-La The Shard.