Digitally redefining the guest experience

The guest experience in hotels is undergoing a revolution. Digital solutions integrated with the in-room televisions is redefining how guests can enjoy their stay, as well as how hoteliers can manage and tailor their digital offering. 

Envision this;

As a guest enters the hotel room, the TV is on and shows a personalized welcome message on a customized GUI specific to the theme of the hotel. The in-room TV will respond to the guest’s voice commands to turn on the lights, set the wake-up time, change the room temperature, browse TV channels, order room service, call a taxi or even to make dinner reservations.

The guests can use their mobile devices to guide them around the hotel or the local area - or to book extra hotel services, make reservations for a rental car, special events or local sights. And when they want to relax, they can simply cast their favorite content from their favorite service to the TV.

The in-room TV takes center stage

The modern guest experience revolves around the TV as custom services controlled through tailored user interfaces can be offered. The experience can include casting each guest’s content to the TV, centralized control of all hotels from a single operations center, and advanced analytics of data from the TV menu to enable even more customized guest services. The solution can even include mobile and voice technologies to make the guest experience feel like they have the conveniences of home. 

In turn, mobile solutions can also offer guests, as an add-on to the TV system, a customized mobile app through which they can manage their booking, handle pre-arrival communication, order extra services, register for their room, and find the information they need. 

Personalizing the experience

The hotel TV experience should and will be highly personalized, allowing guests to easily access their own entertainment and streaming services accounts during the stay, just as they would in their own living rooms. 

Today, this is primarily accomplished through BYOC (Bring Your Own Content) and casting solutions that include either Chromecast, AirPlay, or Miracasting. With one, or any a combination of those technologies, the hotel guests can easily cast content from their subscription services (such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, or to the TV with iOS or Android devices.

API integrations and additional services for increased functionality

Using specific APIs, integrations can be done with room control/automation systems and voice technologies for controlling in-room hardware and systems through the TV system middleware.

The hotel solutions can also offer add-on services through the tv such as evacuation alarms from the primary alarm system, or housekeeping through dedicated tools for planning and reporting housekeeping tasks, which also creates opportunities for improved early check in / late check out services as it is integrated with the hotel’s property management system. 

Analytics and cloud management perfects the experience

As a finishing touch, analytics of TV use will allow hotels to truly customize and personalize services offered to their guests. The analytical data generated by use of the TV menu/GUI will give hotels the behaviour insight where they can rearrange and restructure the services offered to optimize for each guest’s profile. 

A new critical capability for hotel groups or chains is that rooms, TVs and other screens in individual hotels or hotel chains can be hosted on the same cloud server and be centrally managed. Management is easy using a web-based tool that opens in the browser and allows for administering the entire hotel entertainment and information.

The shift towards the modern digital hotel experience has already begun, and first-movers are sure to leave the rest behind them in quality of the guest experience and guest satisfaction.

If you envision a guest experience enhanced through digital solutions, we would love to work with you!

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