How to Manage Your Hotel in One Unique Interface

As a hotelier, to guarantee the best guest experience, you need to be organized and get quick access to your guest reservation details, in one place, whatever the reservation origin is! What if your PMS is also your Channel Manager and Direct Booking Engine?

1. All-inclusive software for more performance

Today, you need a powerful hotel management software: PMS or Property Management System simplifies the over-all hotel management. Combined with other reservation tools such as the Booking Engine (online booking system integrated to your website) and the Channel Manager to connect OTAs (Online Travel Agencies), you control rates and room inventory. However, this might mean too many accounts, subscriptions and fees.  it’s an obstacle for hoteliers who use separated tools!

Having a 3-in1 system exempts your hotel using multiple providers. you don’t need to have some other intermediary! Your Channel Manager is completely integrated with your PMS. Your room inventory is automatically synchronized for all OTAs and website in real-time while your reservations are directly integrated into your PMS planning! 

2. Cloud-based to save time and gain efficiency 

The cloud-based system allows managing your hotel from everywhere and from any device: It becomes very comfortable to manage your hotel using 1 connected interface: you can change your prices, your inventory and your room details as all updates are synchronized in real-time.

Thanks to consolidated data, you generate reports, follow up with your statistics, watch out your revenue and optimize your occupancy using integrated revenue management features. All of your data is available in your unique interface. You save time and you make decisions quickly. Within its unique interface, your PMS must also be able to integrate additional features for early check-in, client’s database and guest review to offer your guest a great experience at your hotel.

3. Shared working platform for better staff communication 

If your PMS is synchronized to your other tools, it becomes your best business ally.

The Cloud offers a shared working environment for your staff members. It is great as information flow better. For example, client details are shared and can be seen by everyone thus your client will receive a more personal welcome. Software performance is essential to improve your reactivity and to focus only on enhancing your guest experience and their happiness. Your service quality will make a difference!

4. A unique support service for 3 solutions 

Your time is precious, your satisfaction too. And you can ask the best from your software provider!

A great hotel management software must offer everything from updates, system maintenance, data storage and data recovery, all included in the service.

Moreover, using an all-in-one system allows you to have 1 technical support for your integrated solutions (PMS, Channel Manager, Booking Engine).  For example, at Misterbooking, the key benefit is that you only have one assistance team of experts and dedicated technical staff to make sure you get the maximum value of all your services.

One other great reason to choose an all-inclusive provider? you benefit from a better service quality as you talk to staff members that really understand your hotel needs.

5. Less providers, less invoices, save money! 

The last but not the least benefit of working with a 3-in-1 system provider is to reduce costs and invoicing. One software, one invoice:  you save money as prices are more competitive and you save time.

Hoteliers are today seduced by this new working way: Focus on your hotel management, your PMS will look after its functioning! 

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