8 Keys to Leveraging Interior Design in Luxury Hospitality

The best hotels are the ones that make you feel at home. And the ones that make you feel like the true queen or king of your kingdom. Read on to explore eight things we think are absolutely essential when it comes to interior design in luxury hospitality. While this list is geared towards luxury hotels, all the principles apply to any kind of hospitality environment from restaurants and spas to private clubs.


  1. Use Color Psychology to Choose the Interior Design Color Palette

Colour plays a big part in our emotions. Why else would we feel warm by looking at the sun, and cold when we see a cloudy sky from our window? 

Using colours to their best advantage is a game hotels love to play with. White is often connected to calmness, so white and cream colours are perfect for the bedroom or the spa. On the other hand, you can also use colour with the pieces you put in a room.

Choosing the right colour of chairs, or even the plants to adorn the entrance of a hotel says a lot of its welcoming. Be sure to take attention to these small details! Every little thing helps.


  1. Get Help from a Design Professional

Having doubts about how to get your dream hospitality space to come to life? Trust a designer who can help you get there.

Having professional help when starting out will take your idea to the next level. Don’t forget first impressions matter, and the right designer can help you with every detail. 

And you know the old saying, group work makes the dream work!


  1. Never Forget Lighting: A Key Element

Light is essential for setting a mood. So remember you should always use it in the best way possible. Nothing too bright, or too dark. The balance between the two is the answer to a good feel of a room.

Go darker for more intimate spaces with the help of small and precise lighting. Brighter rooms should use natural lighting with the help of big windows, with big light spots during nighttime. 


  1. Select Art to Stand Out

Wide blank walls and spaces can sometimes take too much space. Be sure to use it in order to portray the personality of the hotel and spa.

Use art, such as paintings and sculptures to give art and identity to a room. Having a centerpiece, or something to look at can draw the attention of the beholder. Every room should have a focus, why not a piece of art?


  1. Luxurious Seating

Even the more natural habit should feel as luxurious as ever. From reading the newspaper to having breakfast.

Seating should feel comfortable, while at the same time feeling like part of the room. Every object within a room complements each other. And anyone who enters a room should feel like a part of it.

Use luxurious seating as a way of incorporating the client into the room.


  1. Spa Bathroom

Anyone who goes out on holiday wants a break from daily life, and the best way to decompress is at the spa. But the spa doesn’t need to be the only place where the client should be able to relax.

Be marveled at the many options available to continue to showcase the luxury of privacy in your own room. Don’t forget to make these spaces feel familiar with warm colours.

Individuality never felt so good!


  1. Make the 'First Impression' Count

We may be repeating ourselves, but it is true. Clients never forget the first image, the first hello or the first night they spend at a hotel.

The customer journey begins with the façade of the hotel. Take the opportunity of using the entrance to show a statement piece with a wow effect that can be remembered.

Don’t forget flowers and greenery do wonders on their own. Go a step forward and use great design pieces to insert Nature indoors.


  1. 'Versatile' Eating Spaces

Meals have a special place in people’s hearts. When you can’t control the taste of the food, control the area where the meals are eaten.

Each meal has a different feel, between breakfast, lunch, dinner and just having a drink before or after dinner, and there is a place for each of these occasions. Make every eating space different on its own, perfect for the situation at hand.

It is also fun for the client to discover new rooms within the hotel every day. Give them that opportunity in these moments.