Hotel Breaks for Hidden Heroes

Room to Reward encourage hotels to put unsold rooms to good use and create memorable experiences for dedicated volunteers who give up their time to help people and places in need. The simple donation of a couple of short (1-2 night) breaks a year in rooms that would otherwise sit empty has a huge impact on charities, communities and the Hidden Heroes who do so much for them.

Nearly 12 million people formally volunteer at least once a month for charities and community organisations across the U.K. Millions more do so on an informal basis – over the course of the COVID pandemic, 47% of adults in England volunteered to shop for vulnerable neighbours, collect prescriptions and more.

Over 2500 volunteers have been nominated to Room to Reward and taken a break in one of 800+ hotel partners. Ruth, nominated by STARS Dorset for the dedicated support she offers to service users on their helplines, enjoyed a well-earned break at The Savoy. 

“I could never imagine staying at such an iconic hotel in normal circumstances,” she said. “From the moment we arrived, we were treated to a personal level of service that we’ve never experienced before. What a treat. To have had such a special experience will stay with me for ever.”

By giving hotels the facility to block out busy periods, Room to Reward enables hotels to put wasted assets to great use. All breaks are subject to availability and hotels can adapt their donations to suit business needs. A number of industry leaders are ambassadors for the charity, including Robin Sheppard, who said: “Room to Reward is a genius concept. Simple, effective, highly motivational and something that everyone should be taking note of and taking part in. Together we can make a difference to the lives of those who deserve our thanks and applause.”

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