HyGenikx helps Broadoaks hotel guests stay safe

Broadoaks always has its guests' needs and wants at the forefront of its plans and is forever adding to its list of ‘must-haves’ and comforts to make the perfect stay. In 2020 a safe and COVID-secure environment became the biggest must-have of all!
When the Coronavirus pandemic struck in 2020, Broadoaks had to rethink and rework its hotel operations. It had the task of making its environment safer, considering the risks of coronavirus to its guests and staff, whilst maintaining its warm and inviting boutique character.

The team researched what the best measures were to help protect and assure its guests, so they could enjoy a safer stay. The measures introduced included comprehensive staff training on how to prevent the spread of coronaviruses, extensive cleaning of shared surfaces by a dedicated ‘clean team’, the installation of hand sanitisers throughout and HyGenikx Air and Surface Sanitisation Systems in foodservice areas.

HyGenikx is an air and surface sanitiser proven to quietly and efficiently eradicate bacteria, viruses and microbes — providing 24/7 hygiene and safety protection without the need for human intervention. It improves infection control, neutralises all odours and is also proven to reduce spoilage by extending the shelf-life of perishable food on average by 58%, and up to 150% for certain produce. Furthermore, in independent laboratory tests, HyGenikx has been shown to remove up to 99.99% of airborne viruses, including coronavirus.

Broadoaks learnt about HyGenikx first-hand when a member of staff stayed at a hotel with the same technology installed. Here Tracey Robinson, General Manager at Broadoaks Country House, explains:

“Our chef actually stayed at another hotel that had HyGenikx and thought it could work for us too! The hotel promoted the fact that HyGenikx was installed, and its hygiene benefits, which was really encouraging. We were looking for something to assure our own guests that we, at Broadoaks, have all the precautions in place to minimise the spread of coronavirus and this product seemed the perfect addition. When I learnt about the odour control benefits too, I decided to trial HyGenikx in our downstairs staff kitchen— and I wasn’t disappointed.”

Broadoaks Country House initially installed one unit in its staff kitchen on a trial basis. The kitchen, which is an old-style basement kitchen was prone to odours. Tracey explains the results:

“With HyGenikx installed it is astonishing, instead of food odours, the room smells fresh all of the time. It is a lot more pleasant for staff and it is also a great reassurance for me, knowing that HyGenikx is working as it should, creating a safer environment! We have installed three more units in Broadoaks – in the main kitchen, and front of house, in the Oaks Restaurant and Orangery – to support our strict cleaning protocols. So now our entire foodservice operation has this added hygiene and safety protection in place.”

Broadoaks displays HyGenikx stickers across the hotel, as well as including details of HyGenikx on its website and social media—to provide future guests with the same reassurance that their own chef experienced when he first came across HyGenikx.