Launch: Hospitality Skills Qualifications for UK Hotels and Restaurants

Hospitality skills are needed right now by employers!

These are a range of practical courses designed to provide essential skills for a first job in the hotel, restaurant and general hospitality sector. 

These qualifications can be studied in parallel with one of our Management Diploma programmes at either Level 3 or Level 4, or individually as valuable skills courses in their own right. 

They have been developed specifically to provide individuals new to the hospitality sector with the essential job skills needed to perform successfully in their first career role in the sector. 

Training can be delivered by colleges, training organisations or individual hotels. It is intended to be practical, hands-on and in as ‘close to real-life situations’ as possible, so that candidates gain actual experience of performance of skills such as preparing drinks, checking in guests and preparing accommodation rooms. 


Admission requirements: 

The programmes are open access. 

The programmes may be studied in any language. However, all assessments are currently in English. 

There is no minimum age although it is not recommended for students under 16 years of age.

Training organisations, colleges, HR departments – please contact the Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality for more details: