How to Get Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Word-of-mouth marketing is the holy grail for hotels and resorts, and few can deny that guests who authenticity share the fantastic time they are having encourages other people to book with you.

All word of mouth is powerful but when it goes online it gets amplified massively. Reviews, testimonials, images, and reactions are all authentic ways to spread the word about your hotel or resort. But how do you get your guests to share on social media or to give you great reviews?
I think, the answer is found in what your guests are doing anyway and more importantly, why they do it.
A lot of social media posts are what’s called a ‘flex’. In old money, it’s called showing off.

People flex about what they have, where they are, who they are with, how much they care, how much they know and how they have triumphed over adversity. However, overly showing off is ‘not cool’ so people hide the ‘flex’ in a humble brag. We have all seen posts like, ‘not another flight to Rome to speak at an event, what a pain’.

So, in order to get people to share how great you are, you need to give them the opportunity to flex and hide it in a humble brag. Sounds tricky right?
The good news is that there is a tool called ShoutOut that can do just that, and resorts and hotels are perfectly placed to use it, because people want to show they are having a great time and have chosen the best hotel or resort.
ShoutOut enable your guests to create their own branded social content. Think of it as a video booth without the booth. Guests can scan a QR code and film a video clip or take a photo on their own phones and it gets branded up with your logos, intros and outro, music and captions and appears on their phone in a few seconds for them to share.
Because of the music and branding, your guests are appearing in your official video content rather than them posting their own content. This makes it the perfect combination of a flex and humble brag.
When they share the video via the ShoutOut link, your hashtags get automatically shared also.
To make it even easier for them, hotel staff can film a testimonial with them during their stay or when they check out using just a smartphone. There is no app to install, and everything is in the cloud.
This means that you can access the videos, edit them and make a compilation or highlight videos automatically. You can even download your videos or add them to a playlist to embed on your website. ShoutOut is super simple to use. You just need to create your branding template then start capturing reviews and testimonials and scale your word-of-mouth marketing.