Kiosk OneUX: Check-In/Check-out: Redefined

In our constant pursuit of innovation, we're proud to introduce Kiosk OneUX – a game-changer in the world of interactive kiosks. With a focus on seamless user experiences, our new Kiosk OneUX is designed to redefine the way guests interact with kiosks. What sets our UX apart is its unparalleled intuitiveness and modularity. It's more than just an interface; it's an experience that effortlessly adapts to your brand identity.

In an ever-evolving travel landscape, Kiosk and Hotelbird have united their strengths to introduce a ground-breaking approach to hotel check-in and check-out processes. This visionary partnership combines Kiosk's expertise in self-service kiosks with Hotelbird's digital solutions to create a seamless, contactless experience set to reshape the hospitality industry.

Empowering Guest-Centric Check-Ins with Kiosk OneUX!

The OneUX Hotel Check-In Interface – a customisable user interface that puts guests at the centre of their experience. Key features include:

• Customisable Home-Screen: Hotels can personalise the check-in experience with logos, pictures, and colours to match their brand identity.

• Effortless Check-In/Check-Out: The interface provides clear buttons for check-in and check-out, simplifying the process.

• Room-Key Generation: Guests can generate additional room keys or replacements easily.

• Information and Services: Hotels can enhance the experience with local information and services.

• Multi-Language Support: The interface offers dynamic translation for diverse guests.

• Inclusivity: Options for larger font sizes and wheelchair-friendly settings cater to all guests.

Remote Management? Canopy has got you covered.

Introducing our game-changing Remote Management Software Canopy – your key to streamlined kiosk network control. Seamlessly customise, monitor, and update multiple kiosks remotely, all from a centralised interface. Say goodbye to on-site hassles and embrace a new era of efficiency.

Optimise On-Site Excellence with our Field Management Services!

Unveiling our transformative Field Management Services – your gateway to elevated on-site kiosk performance. With our expertise by your side, ensure your kiosks are always at their best, maximising user experience and minimising downtime. Our skilled technicians provide swift, proactive maintenance and support, ensuring seamless operations and freeing you from worries.

Orchestrating Hotel Ecosystems!

At Kiosk Embedded System, we understand that hotels operate within a complex ecosystem. That's why we've invested in establishing partnerships with all major players in the hospitality tech landscape. Our collaboration with leading PMS providers, locking systems, and digital guest journey enablers allows us to create a comprehensive and integrated solution. This orchestration not only enhances guest experiences but also empowers hotels to provide personalised services efficiently.

This innovative teamwork with our Eco-Partners, embodies the fusion of technology and hospitality in its digitalization. As travel enters a new era, the OneUX Hotel Check-In Interface and comprehensive services from Kiosk EmbeddedSystems and its partners are poised to redefine guest experiences from start to finish.