Restaurant FOH - the new qualification for enhanced service

The Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality (CTH) is very pleased to support this innovativeevent for the Restaurant industry at Excel London.

With innovation in mind, we are excited to launch our new and unique qualification -specifically developed for those who really want to excel in a Restaurant Front of Houseservice role.

Level 2 Certificate in Professional Restaurant Front of House Service

Enhanced skills for the ultimate guest experience

This new qualification has been developed with leading specialists from many areas of the restaurant industry, equipping the learner with a higher level of skills, knowledge andcustomer service.


Restaurant employers in the UK and many other countries have requested this specialisedqualification. They report that they have two issues currently:

1. A struggle with recruiting excellent staff for their restaurant and front of houseservice.

2. The expectations of enhanced knowledge and service demands from customers isincreasing, as standards rise around the world while regions compete forholidaymakers and business travellers. In addition, in many regions (e.g. MiddleEast, Caribbean etc), tourism and hospitality will now massively contribute to thecountries GDP and plans for growth.

These are the key reasons that CTH has responded to employers to create this uniquequalification. It will educate learners with enhanced knowledge and take the guest experience to the next level!


The programme is dynamic, modern, and practical - and offers candidates extensivelearning in areas such as:

Enhanced Food & Beverage Service

Customer Service Skills

Wine Knowledge & Service Skills

Beverages – cocktails and craft beers

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Specialist Diets

Culinary Knowledge

If you are an interested student or would like to be approved to teach this programme at yourteaching institution, please email Steve Beckworth: