SFBB+ The Food Safety Compliance App

Can you imagine inspecting a food business and being offered a sticky, jumbled and incomplete file of food safety paperwork?

As inspectors and EHOs, we saw this time and time again - that’s what inspired us to develop the SFBB+ App.

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The SFBB+ App is based on The Food Standards Agency model called “Safer Food, Better Business” (SFBB) for caterers. Based on this regulator model, we developed the App to bring you a digital way of keeping all your SFBB records on your phone, in your pocket, including all your Safe Methods and your Daily Diary - and more.

If you recognise “Safer Food, Better Business”, you’ll certainly recognise the SFBB+ App.

You’ll also know that UK law requires every food business to have a “food safety management system”. It’s the first thing EHOs ask for when they inspect and rate your food businesses.

Without such a system, a UK food business cannot be rated more than a 2 (out of 5). And that’s terrible for the business – and customers. So why not digitise your records, simplify your process and save time and money.

SFBB+ provides you with a technology which is normally only available to big businesses. However, we’ve deliberately aimed the SFBB+ App at independent food businesses – at a price that is right. The SFBB+ App is ONLY £4.99 per month per premises.

  • Simple – downloaded by thousands of food businesses from the Apple and Android App Stores
  • Secure – your data is safe with SFBB+
  • Compliant – developed by Environmental Health Officers
  • Approved – by Regulators
  • ONLY £4.99/m per premises - (BEWARE, much more expensive options are available!)

The SFBB+ App keeps your SFBB records in the correct order and manages your version control. You can export and share content whenever you like, free, to anyone you like – including to your visiting Food Inspector.

No more lost or greasy paperwork - and you’ll never need to print out another diary sheet again. It’s a remarkable time-saver and an important part of building business environmental sustainability.

You can also use the App to store your other hygiene records, for example, pest control checks, training certificates, temperature logs and delivery notes. Just scan these straight into the App using your phone’s camera and they will become a part of your digital records!

You can also set up multiple people to upload records to the App. And ALL THIS AT NO EXTRA COST.

Sign up today and monitor your record keeping across all your sites – from anywhere.

Start your SFBB+ journey by entering your email address at www.sfbbplus.co.uk

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