We fill your venue

We know how challenging it can be to get midweek sales to your venue, so at Hashtag Quiz we have designed a piece of software to help YOU create an engaging and interactive pub quiz night.

It will attract customers and keep them coming back for more, week after week after week.

HQFM is our all-in-one, browser-based trivia, bingo, and quiz software, requiring nothing more than an internet connection and an audience.

We give YOU the power to host your very own quizzes on big screens or direct to users’ phones at the touch of a button.

Alternatively, if you want to keep it low-tech then simply print out your game and hand out the pens – ready for a traditional quiz.

We have 2 NEW general knowledge quizzes uploaded EVERY week as well as over 65 different themed quizzes in our database, so no need to worry about writing a quiz!

 You can engage your audience on tablets mobile's (even TV screens) and you can host your quiz night anywhere and everywhere, as it is an Internet-based software multi-platform.

 You could have 3 or 4 nights of entertainment through this one quiz & bingo multiplatform. An easy 7-day subscription 24/7 usage where you can literally use the software, at any time, for any purpose as many times as you wish for just one low weekly cost!

You can use our services in any way you wish;

  • You could hire your own host and use the software which saves time and effort in writing a topical quiz, or
  • You could ask a member of your community (as long as they are confident on the microphone) to deliver the quiz, using the software (as the questions are already prepared for you), or
  • You could hire a host from us (as well as the software) and we arrange EVERYTHING (including marketing, SEO & social media community groups)

Remember; a successful quiz host has the ability to engage and entertain their audience while keeping the game fair and fun for everybody.

It's like a storyteller that is best friends with everyone by asking challenging questions, testing knowledge, and for learning.

All these different options have been made with YOU in mind so how you go about quizzing is up to YOU.

 If you choose to use Hashtag Hosts and/or HQFM, we will provide you with peace of mind as our core values, principles and logo are very important to us.


Our logo is more than a fancy icon.

It represents many things; the first thing you'll notice inside our logo is that it's all based around the hashtag.

It's who we are.

The Hashtag symbolises a way to connect people and content around a particular topical conversation.

It makes it easier for users to find and engage with content that is relevant to their interests.

 The people images around our logo, are based on our quiz guests.

It highlights the connection between people; to create a community for people to play; from any and every background; to sit around a table, in a social environment to play quiz and have fun.

We wanted our Hashtag logo to represent the world as we see our core values in our company.

 So, in typical game style, we roll the DICE to allow our logo and company to represent:

  • D for Diversity
  • I for Inclusivity
  • C for Community
  • E for Engagement


The best bit is a care-for-all approach to ensure you get the best out of your investment, whether it be software or the whole solution package.  

We will provide you with an energy-saver, time-saving, high-quality interactive quiz, and a fantastic return on investment

Whatever your needs and venue size; we can help YOU fill your venue.