Unpaid carers fuel half of the resources needed for our Health and Social Care system to operate. If they fall, it falls.

Enabling people and organisations to share their resources to support families looking after their loved ones is the only way to ensure Long-term Welfare in this country.

Carefree transforms vacant hotel rooms into vital breaks for full-time, unpaid carers. We build partnerships across the business and social sectors and leverage easy-to-use, flexible technology to allow more carers to be supported by more organisations to have more short breaks.

Carefree marries technology with community spirit to solve critical challenges:

- We believe that caring for those who care is essential for the collective well-being of our society
- Our goal is for every full-time unpaid carer to have access to a short break
- Our vision is a world in which sharing resources for the common good becomes the norm

We bring the business and social sectors together to support the needs of unpaid carers:

- We invite Hospitality Partners to donate accommodation with full control over the inventory
- We enable Community Partners to refer registered carers and amplify the impact of their service
- We provide carers with access to breaks in hotels and holiday cottages throughout the UK

With every break, we move one step closer to our goal.

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