NATIVE Hotels & Accessible Tourism

NATIVE Hotels & Accessible Tourism is a direct hotel booking platform with no commission and is accessible to the entire public, including the more than 600 million people in the world who cannot navigate on a conventional website. Because on the NATIVE website you can search for and book a hotel by browsing also by blowing, making a sound or pressing any key if you have Parkinson's disease or arthritis, for example.
Customers with any disability spend in hotels between 30 and 60% more than the standard customers in data from the European Union 2015 because they usually travel accompanied and spend more time in the hotel. And NATIVE provides the hotelier with information and simple elements such as door hangers in Braille, alarm systems for the deaf...
NATIVE has been awarded by WTM London 2014, Ministère Tourisme Maroc 2014, and WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow Awards 2017 among others.

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