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Focus Net Zero serves the hotel industry to unlock the true value of electric vehicle charging. We do this by enabling our clients to serve EV drivers themselves so that they can retain the majority of the profit, rather than take a small cut of someone else's.

EV adoption is growing fast and the high demand for chargers is well-publicised. Hotels are perfectly placed to offer charging due to a wide range of dwell times, facilities to use whilst charging, and well-located prime positions. With most charging of vehicles done at night, providing charging further enhances the 'home away from home' that great hotels offer. 

That is why we created the 'Hotel Energy Project'. With the right EV solution in place, hotels can increase TrevPAR from uplifts in occupancy rates, food & beverage, gyms & other non-resident services, and of course, the energy sold to the vehicles. 

Our vision for hotels to take full advantage of offering EV charging extends beyond the chargers, our innovative solutions also encompass energy ecosystems. This means that the challenges facing hotel businesses can be overcome. 

Our services include not only the design, installation and implementation of charging solutions, but also consultancy so that our clients can be assured that they can move forward with confidence. With an unbiased approach, clients gain a clear understanding of opportunities and challenges. Count on us for expert advice, options, and a decade of turnkey service. 

We offer a free initial value assessment so that you can see what it could mean to your individual business. We look forward to meeting you at HRIE 23.

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