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Ecolastic Products Pvt. Ltd., India, is a bio-plastics manufacturing & research company established to innovate, design, develop & manufacture differentiated bio-plastic, biodegradable & compostable products. Headquartered in Hyderabad with 2 factories, it is part of the multi-lateral business conglomerate, the Vishwa Samudra Group

With scientists and multi-disciplinary experts, working on life changing, sustainable & environmentally friendly solutions, the core lies in incessant Research & Development, followed by creating high quality products to add value to the planet. India's premier research organisation DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation), Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India, has collaborated with Ecolastic to replace single-use plastic products with compostable and biodegradable products. With finished products and raw materials, the company has a wide range of products across categories.


The product range includes Bags of all types (Garbage Bags, Carry Bags, Plant Bags, Bio-Hazard Bags, Garment Bags, Courier Bags and more) in various colour options and sizes. Pouches, Wraps, Agri-mulch Films, Stretch Films, Cutlery, Cups, Glasses, Ear-bud & Candy sticks, Granules and compounds for manufacturing.

Ecolastic is the only Company in India to be recommended by NITI Aayog and the only compostable manufacturing company to be designated as the Official Sustainability Partner of the G20 Summit.

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