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At Switch, we thrive to make the shift to sustainable transport simple. We believe a standardised ecosystem is vital for the future of EV charging to achieve mass EV adoption. To make the switch requires vast networks of charge points connected to cloud-based software solutions to ensure an efficient and effective charging experience for businesses and drivers alike. 

Switch is a deep tech company that offers a hardware-agnostic and OCPP 2.0.1 certified system with advanced capabilities to heal a fragmented charging landscape. We deliver superior solutions and services to enterprises who want an intelligent energy management platform to streamline, monetise and optimise operations.

Our cloud-based platform addresses the challenges many face, especially those in energy management. The Switch platform offers solutions that suit all EV charging market segments including commercial, fleet, and residential. 

It is built on the latest communication protocols which allows you to effortlessly upgrade, scale and optimise EV charging as a revenue driver of your business. In addition, you will unlock advanced capabilities to get granular visibility of the charging process, real-time data for in-depth reporting and increase network uptime so you can provide value adding services, to take your business to the next level. We’ve got you.

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