Kadi Saadlo: Speaking at the Hotel & Resort Innovation Expo

Kadi Saadlo

HotelBuddy Technology

The Contactless Frontier: Revolutionizing Receptionist Roles

Discover the intriguing journey of hotels and the evolving role of receptionists at "The Contactless Frontier: Revolutionizing Receptionist Roles" seminar. We''ll explore the present-day challenges and bottlenecks faced by receptionists and shed light on how contactless hotel technology is reshaping guest services. Moreover, we''ll delve into insightful examples of the responsibilities that these tech solutions can seamlessly take over, paving the way for enhanced efficiency and streamlined operations. Join us to glimpse into the future, where a floating lobby agent may become the norm, rendering the traditional receptionist job obsolete in many modern hotels within the next five years.

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